Teonanacatl Speaks: Lesson 1

Teonanacatl Speaks: Lesson 1

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The Mushroom God attempts to explain to my puny mind how reality came into being.

Teonanacatl Speaks: Lesson 1Note: This post explores what I feel is a new perspective on the whole issue of creation, but before I get into it, I need to preface it with the following, as that will determine for many the validity (or lack thereof) of what is said.

The ideas here are based on an experience I had about 15 years ago when I took a heroic dose of psilocybin mushrooms that I had carefully and lovingly grown myself. I took these shrooms while sitting in a large pyramid which I had built in my backyard up in the Catskill mountain, in the Woodstock, NY area, just at the foot of the mountain upon which sits the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. It is said that these mountains are sacred which is why this location was selected for the monastery.

During this experience I was shown something by the mushrooms. I say "shown" because I would not have been capable of imagining such a presentation myself. The idea that the mushroom is an active intelligence that can teach us is not an uncommon idea among those who have experienced it.

Here, Terrance McKenna explains of his related experiences regarding the mushroom intelligence.

I assume that the answer to that question Terrance put to the mushrooms would be different depending on who is doing the asking, as each person's understanding of reality is different. I can see a few problems with the mushrooms answer to Terrance, but I assume that were I to pose the same question I would get a different answer. However, I as currently have little concern for the world's problems, I doubt I would ever ask such a thing.

My interest lies more in the whys and hows of the nuts and bolts of reality as I know it... and that was the nature of my question to the mushrooms.

The mushrooms did not answer with a simple quotable line, rather, it showed me the answer, and this is what I saw.

Just keep in mind that these are the thoughts and insights of someone tripping their brains out! I try to make sense of them, but I'll leave to to the reader as to what degree I succeeded.

I was queasy at first, which was exacerbated when I felt, and saw, the pyramid beginning to spin in opposite directions at the same time. I was quite nauseous at that point but managed to keep it together. The spinning got faster, more intense, and I felt like I was being transported to another place. When it got so intense I could barely stand it, everything stopped, and I found myself in an void of nothingness…before creation, before time. I simply existed in this void of perfect silence and nothingness, aware of only my own awareness as nothing else existed. I existed there and only there, with no expectation, hopes, desires, or fears. I just existed.

I perceived a movement “below” me. I looked “down” and I saw the mythical phoenix slowly moving through this void, and as he moved he left a wake, and I could see the single ripple he left behind expanding as he moved through this nothingness. What was this “ripple”? It was a pure divine energy, which was indistinguishable from divine love.

The wake moved outward as wakes do, unimpeded as it expanded into the nothingness. Then I saw the Phoenix return and create another wake, and then it returned and created another, and another. Soon there were wakes on top of wakes. When one wake touched another wake, where they touched they created a third wake, and then that wake interfered with other wakes, creating more and more wakes. Soon, the void was being filled with this matrix of interfering and expanding wakes.

When there were thousands, or perhaps millions, of wakes of every size, I began to see patterns emerge. These patterns also became more complex, more dimensional; soon there were millions of these second-generation patterns. The patterns moved in harmony with the wakes, and soon certain dynamics began to center around these patterns, such as relatively stable patterns. These third-generation dynamics continued to grow until they created a fourth generation of state that was stable enough to maintain itself as a form. This form was the atom! This pattern of growth continued expanding and changing as it created and recreated itself, and soon Nth-generation patterns were now generating molecules, and those combined to create highly sophisticated but simple systems, interconnected via the wakes and patterns. I was watching the universe being created from nothingness to countless systems of interconnectivity, which then wove together to form the first signs of life as we know it.

I watched with amazement as forms and patterns emerged from this infinite sea of waves, giving rise to potentially anything that could exist. As the waves moved through each other, patterns changed, forms disintegrated and new forms emerged, each creation, no matter how small, creating new waves that changed all the other waves, and those changes creating their own new waves. Everything that was being created was the result of everything that could ever exist. I was being shown how everything that existed, from the atom to the cosmic supercluster, was a window into the timeless infinite, a product of all that ever was, is, or will be. Years later I realized how similar this was to David Bohm's theory of Implicate Order[1]. But it was much more than seeing that each creation was equally significant…it was nothing less than knowing that all of creation, as it currently exists, depended on the existence of every detail, from the smallest grain of sand or the gum wrapper in the gutter to the galaxies, for they were all an interconnected, independent One, and the idea that any one part could be removed from the One was an impossibility. Even more profound was the realization that everything is, must be, perfect at every moment. Perfection is the only state that the One can exist in, ergo, everything is always perfect and can never be otherwise.

At this point, I had been in the pyramid for about an hour and now I felt it was time to leave the pyramid and go into the woods. I stepped out of the pyramid and looked at the nature that surrounded me. What I saw was these Nth generations of the waves of life. I could SEE the wakes and waves and patterns of creation in the form of rocks, trees, birds, ants, sky, everything that existed was an expression of these “wakes and waves of life” caused by the Phoenix, the First Movement. My awareness was moving exponentially faster until I could see the entire spectrum of life, from its first creative impulse to its ultimate form of expression in the Now. All of nature’s existence became an incomprehensibly sophisticated, interconnected web of movement, energy, wakes, waves, and interference across all spacetime, and each moment of existence is a new creation as unique and powerful as the first moment of creation. In every moment All-That-Is is creating itself.

Ok, that was the essence of this "presentation." Fifteen years later and I am still unraveling its message.

To date, this is what I have managed to decipher. Some of the observations may seem contradictory, but this is mainly because I have left out 90% of the details of the experience, half of which I would have no words to describe. For example, I felt like I was in an infinite space, but I clearly remember seeing these waves return from their expanding journey into the infinite, which implies at some point they bounced off the "edge" and came back, but I could not see that edge. So it may have appeared infinite, but was not, or perhaps it was infinite on the 3D level, but on some other level it was finite. I can't explain it, I can only relate it.

In any case, I made the following observations:

  • The arena of time-space is finite on some level, but in the 3D world, it appears infinite.
  • All phenomena with time-space are wave functions
  • Waves seem to have very little inertia, and therefore they eventually dissipate over long periods of time (this was difficult to see because of the complexity of the ever growing interactions of waves)
  • Waves “echo” when they reach the finite limits of time-space
  • An initial wave (P-wave) was introduced into time-space by a force that continuously moves throughout the finite time-space arena.
  • The P-wave generating force (the Phoenix) is always moving, therefore, new P-waves are always being generated, and existing waves are always moving.

In addition to the above (what I consdier) axiomatic observations, I can hypothesize on the following...

  • The interaction of two P-waves do not interfere but rather create a third residual wave (R-wave)
  • R-waves create interference and therefore are capable of creating standing wave patterns
  • All matter is a standing wave pattern (SWP - see "Standing Wave Patterns' below). Complex matter are patterns of SWPs, or SWPs of SWPs
  • All that is not matter is still filled with waves but not complex or stable enough to create a SWP
  • Waves alone are the prime energy source of creation in time-space
  • Intelligence is a byproduct of interfering waves (P and R?)
  • The degree of intelligence that can be supported (or created?) is proportional to the complexity of the SWP clusters. Therefore everything that exists has some form of intelligence.
  • P/R-waves are (maybe) something like quantum wave functions, and as such, at the moment of awareness, they collapse into particles.
  • I suspect that P-waves are 3D presentations of 4D phenomena moving through the 3D space, which would imply ‘entanglement’ within the 3D between different points of the wave (which present as distinct particles when collapsed) as the 4D source is one 4D "object" that is seen as 3D+time in 3D space.
  • R-waves have no 4D-R-wave source, as they are consequences of P-wave interaction, but would have a virtual 4D-R-wave source, i.e. a virtual source that could create R-waves if it existed. Can the virtual 4D-R-wave have any effect on the 4D-P-wave object, thereby creating a feedback loop of some sort?
  • As P/R-waves are not material they can move faster than the speed of light, and therefore cause/effect relationship is not bound by linear time, i.e. the measuring of test results can alter the initiation of the test case.

Assuming the above observations are anywhere close to what the mushrooms were trying to communicate to me, then the following speculations arise:

  • As all waves are interacting with all other waves, directly or indirectly, there is a hierarchy of intelligences. For example, there is an intelligence for planets, and sub-intelligences for groups of planets, and sub-sub-intelligences for individual planets. Each super/subclass is dependant on and/or supporting the other super/subclasses. Therefore the disturbing of even the smallest subclass (an ant, a person, a highly individualized subclass at the edge of the hierarchy) has an effect on all the super/subclasses it is connected to, which is, ultimately everything in existence. Sheldrake's “morphic fields” may be one type of subclass specifically in the area of biological life. Presumably, there would be such fields for other subclasses, such as planets, suns, elements, etc.

  • The ultimate superclass must be the simplest, which is a class with only one attribute (one non-interfering P-wave) which is the one attribute that is shared by all subclasses. Beyond that class is nothing at all… a perfect void of (possibly) absolute nothingness (see "holarchies" below)

  • R-waves can be altered. For example, white light hits a leaf, which absorbs the red light and converts it into other forms of energy, and reflects green. This is the classical conservation of energy.

  • In the case where there is creation (of more R-waves) the only new R-waves that can be created must come from P-waves. The R-waves themselves do not hold any "creative" power and are limited only to manipulation of their energy. However, if we assume that this creation process is holographic (which is compatible with Bohm's theory) then holographically speaking an R-wave must have some P-wave attributes due to the fact they were created by the P-wave.

  • Perhaps when an SWP becomes sufficiently 'large', as in sophistication or complexity (which I refer to hereafter as SWP clusters or SWPC), it has the ability to generate it's own P-wave. This would also satisfy the condition that, and explain the process by which, reality is self-regenerating.

  • If intelligence is a product of complex SWPCs, then any product of such intelligence must be introducing new P-waves into the aggregated SWP's (and consequently, everything else). This would also imply that the complexity or sophistication of a SWPC could affect intensity of the P-wave and the expression of intelligence.

  • As thought is a product of a fairly complex and sophisticated SWPC (humans) then presumably our thoughts have the ability to produce P-waves, which implies that , that each thought is contributing to the SWPC that is the humanity as well as to the entire super/subset of all classes.

The question then becomes, is all thought P-wave generating? For example, does thinking about how to time-travel generate the same "volume" or intensity of P-waves as thinking about why child-proof lids are so badly designed? Or are "uncreative", purposeless thought merely a transference of R-wave energy?

To test this one might be able to perform a simple experiment. For example, exposing two identical test cases to "creative" thoughts and "useless" thoughts. As P-waves have the ability to create reality while R-waves just have the ability to transform existing reality, the results should be dramatically obvious.

Plenty of research exists to prove to anyone that is not a dogmatic materialist that thoughts have an effect on other life forms.[2][3][4]

For this, we need to better define how to (presumably) generate P-waves. If a P-wave is a byproduct of creative energy, in this case, expressed through thought, we need to define what IS creative thought. To discover this we need to analyze the source of creativity, which is the force that created the first P-wave. The best we can do, short of reverting to the mystical, is to speculate what was the motivation and/or intention of whatever compelled the initial force that the created the P-wave to act. The one thing I can say with some confidence is that the initial intention of creating the P-wave was to be creative, to create something. The question as to why is less clear, other than to say it was an act of, for lack of a better term, Divine Love.

Perhaps the best experiment is to love something in as pure a way as possible and see what effect this has. I confidently predict that there will be some observable effect. There are plenty of studies on the benefits of love, the reasons for love, etc., etc., These, however, are all focused on the materialist aspects of love[6]. I am suggesting something a form of love that is very different. In fact, I suggest that the purpose of evolution is not survival, but love, and the survival aspects of evolution are simply to ensure that we stay alive and continue so that we may express love. The simple fact that we are willing to die for love (or country, family, cause, etc.) implies that survival takes a back seat to love, and therefore, survival alone can not be the most important driving force in life.

Interestingly, just recently I had an OOBE wherein I had an experience that supported this idea in a way that deeply shocked me, but that will have to wait for another post (and I'll update this post with the link when it's ready)

Standing Wave Patterns

For those who do not know what a Standing Wave Pattern is, it is a stable pattern that results from waves that are interfering with wich one another, which is what waves do when they cross each other's paths. For example, here is a picture of SWP that were created by placing white powder on a drum head and exposing that drum head to a stable sound, like a single tone, or a collection of single tones. This is called "Cymatics"

Teonanacatl Speaks: Lesson 1

These are simple 2D SWPs. Imagine 4D versions of the same produced by ever increasingly complex waves.

Interestingly, the word Parton was originally coined by the brilliant physicist Richard Feynman to describe what later was termed the "quark". the underlying subatomic building block of all matter.


I did extensive research into whether such a model might correspond with anything in the sciences. I was looking for something that incorporated the holofractal aspects of what I was trying to describe that specifically applied to 'reality'. To my pleasant surprise, I found numerous allusions to exactly that. For example, in I ran across the publication "Evolutionary Systems Theory. Introduction to Systems Philosophy: Toward a New Paradigm of Contemporary Thought,Laszlo (1972) ", wherein they describe a hierarchical model of parts that dual purposed whole/part entities (described in 'Janus-faced’ (Koestler, 1979, p. 27) ) in that they are a whole and also a part at the same time in both biological, socio-cultural, biological and biocultural systems. These parts are called holon/partons, the holon representing the 'wholeness of its nature, and the parton representing the integrated part of the greater holon. The hierarchical ordering of holon/patrons is called a holarchy.

Here is the biological example of the model they described:

Teonanacatl Speaks: Lesson 1

And from Koestler:

I seemed that what I saw as SWPCs were here referred to as holon/partons, but unlike the well-defined boundaries and their neat connections, the SWPCs were the product of a continuum of complexity and patterns. So, rather than the more linear top-down approach, I think something more like an inside-out model works better, such as the following, which described the holarchy of a meme.

Teonanacatl Speaks: Lesson 1

What also surprised me was, this model looks very similar to a financial model I built a couple of years ago (12 years after my experience) that attempted to describe the supply chain in a holistic manner in order to show how sustainable solutions are more profitable over the long term.

Teonanacatl Speaks: Lesson 1

Each holon is made up of the three dominant factors for that particular part of the supply chain. In the example of agriculture, one holon that describes one aspect of the Argentinian agriculture would be described in the following semantic manner

Teonanacatl Speaks: Lesson 1

I show this to illustrate the idea that this holarchic model can apply to any system, be it a meme, the supply chain, or any other system, and that alone is very compelling evidence (from the holofractalist perspective) that this model is what the primary, all-encompassing system, i.e. reality, abides by. I show this to illustrate the idea that this holarchic model can apply to any system, be it a meme, the supply chain, or any other system, and that alone is very compelling evidence (from the holofractalist perspective) that this model is what the primary, all-encompassing system, i.e. reality, abides by.