The Great Condor has Arrived

The Great Condor has Arrived

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A personal vision of the transformation that is still going on

The Great Condor has Arrived Note: This is a personal experience, a vision, and as such may not have any validity for anyone other than me. I post it here because, even though this is a personal vision, I choose to believe it is also one shared by many already, some consciously, some unconsciously, and one that many more may want to share. As always, your mileage may vary. P.s. This post was inspired by a video on bird die-offs from one of my favorite independent commentators, Styxhexenhammer666

The following is what was shown to me in a rare (and drug-free) altered state. I suppose one could call it a prophetic vision. In this vision, I found myself driving down a desert road with my two sons hauling a load of dead trees to a place where they could be disposed of. As I was driving, I looked up and saw a great condor appear as it flew across the sky from my right to my left, southward (towards South America). Its wings did not move and it was surrounded by a divine light.

This was not simply a condor, but a deific archetype, something like the Ancient Egyptian winged sun, representing a great god, or the Zoroastrian Farohar or Incan Kuntur, the symbols of the soul.

The sky filled with countless birds following the condor, but then many of them began to fall to their death, pelting my car and covering the road. It was bizarre and horrifying and was clearly a sign of something, but of what I could not say in that moment as I was too preoccupied with the mess they were causing on my car and the road.

Soon after, I arrived at my destination, which was a garden full of morning glory flowers in bloom, which I assumed was a reference to the powerful consciousness-altering properties of that plant. On the other side of the garden, there was a gate that led to the coast. I entered the gate and saw on the ground a newspaper that had a rather gothic type of font often associated with the early days of Weimar Germany/WWII (1919-1945). Printed in a large, bold headline were the words “AMERICA ATTACKED—WAR.” I looked around and realized I was surrounded by twisted metal beams and I was standing in the place of the attack, but it was not clear exactly where this was other than a shipping port somewhere on the east coast of the United States.

I knew it was time to leave this place and begin the last leg of my journey. I also knew that this attack was going to be the sign, the moment, by which time I needed to be finished “cleaning up”, unloading my cargo of dead trees, as it were, in preparation for this new pilgrimage I would be taking.

I left this devastation behind me and began the long hike through the wilderness to the top of a mountain. As I was making this journey, I saw that many of the animals in the wilderness were also beginning to make the same journey, much like the birds that followed the condor. I wondered if they too would also fall victim to mass deaths. Soon I was surrounded by every creature of the woods in a long and crowded exodus toward the mountaintop. Along the way, a very large brown bear showed me the sign I would one day see that would indicate that the window of opportunity to make this exodus had closed, and all those who had not already begun their pilgrimage would no longer have the opportunity to do so. To this day (2018) I have yet to see that sign.

This was a clear vision of a future where humanity was split into two groups, those who abandoned their worldly ambitions and concerns to make this pilgrimage, and those who stayed behind, either because they did not seeing the opportunity, or they did, but considered it of little value.

When I, and all the animals of the wilderness, arrived at the mountaintop, dawn was breaking, but the sun had yet to rise. This was not the same sun that we saw every morning. This was the sun that brought the dawning of a new age, but only to those who could see it, who had made their way to the mountaintop. For the rest of the world, life would continue to be an ever-increasing challenge of living in a world, or perhaps just a society, that was falling apart. We stood on this mountaintop and watched as the light on the horizon became brighter and brighter. Our collective excitement, joy, and relief grew with the brightness of the light for we knew as soon as the sun appeared, it would be the beginning of a new reality, a new earth. How there could be two earths, two realities, I can’t say. I’ll just have to wait and see how that unfolds, if it happens at all, as the vision ended seconds before the sun broke the horizon.

Years later...

If I had any question as to the validity of this vision, they lessened as I began to hear of massive bird (and other animal) deaths being reported[1] and studied[2] from around the world. However, my doubts completely disappeared the morning of 9/11 when I was walking on the streets in New York City and watched, as if in a dream, the Twin Towers being attacked. As I looked at the aftermath of the destruction, I recognized the pile of twisted metal was not unlike what I’d seen in my vision. The "WAR" has begin, but it was still unclear to me what sides were fighting, and for what.

Upon reexamination of the vision I understood that the entheogenic garden of morning glory flowers, the same plant used by the Mixe, the Zapotecs, and the Mazatecs for purposes of divination, was a symbol that it is only through a shift in consciousness that we can see clearly where our future lies, first as an individual, then as a planet. If our consciousness does not change, then neither will our reality. It also seems clear now that the new dawn we were awaiting did not appear because the new dawn is not something one waits for, but rather something one creates, and we were still in the process of creating it. It is not something that happens to us. It is something that happens to reality because of us.

Years later I learned of the Incan, Hopi, and Tibetan prophecies which state that for the past 500 years, the world has been oppressed with the darkness of soulless materialism that occurred in the last great change (pachacuti), but the next pachacuti, which had already begun according to these same tribal shamans, would herald the “return of Light to the planet and the dawn of a golden era.” This new change would be marked by the time when the (Incan) Condor of Urin united with the Eagle of Hanan. This is traditionally interpreted as the time when North America and South America join forces, but after living in South America for the past eleven years and seeing the increased political and economic division between these two cultures grow, I suggest it’s more effective to see this as a joining of the ideologies of individualism and planetary awareness, of growing priorities of the planet, of respect, of cooperation, shared among those on the “journey.”


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