The Power of Awareness

The Power of Awareness

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Awareness is THE creative energy

The Power of AwarenessThe other day I had an epiphany, a moment of clarity and understanding that seemed so obvious once I recognized it that I began to wonder if I was the last person on the planet to "get it". It certainly would not be the first time I was late to the party. The first time I had sex, at a very young age, I couldn't wait to tell everything what I just 'discovered', oblivious to the fact everyone, including my dog, was already on top of it.

At the risk of exposing the extent to which I am disconnected from reality, I am going to share my mind-blowing insight, just in case there is someone out there even more out of touch than me.

In a line, it is simply this: the difference between order and chaos is simple consciousness.

To elaborate a bit, it is the energy of consciousness that causes order out of chaos, because it is energy that compels the otherwise lifeless material of existence to begin to interact, and thereby form dynamic self-organizing relationships.

Now for the long and tedious explanation...

What is the difference between awareness and consciousness? I define awareness as a state where one has the ability to recognize and respond to stimulus, typically external in nature, but not necessarily limited to that. For example, animals, insects, and even plants respond to changes in temperature because they are aware of that change, which results in a response fo some kids, even if that response is to not respond. If someone is paralyzed and they are exposed to a stimulus, they may not respond externally, but they are responding internally.

Consciousness is a state of awareness, but a state wherein the observer recognizes that they are engaged in the act of awareness.. they are aware of their awareness.

Someone in a simple state of awareness will not ask "Why am I responding in this way?" or "What is the source and nature of this stimulus?" They are acting unconsciously, without reflection. Someone who is aware of their unconsciousness is, by definition, conscious.

It is much like a lucid dream. One can dream and be aware of the dream, completely unconscious to the fact that they are dreaming... this is awareness. But when one realizes they are dreaming while they are dreaming, this is consciousness. In both analogies of life and dreams, it is consciousness that defines whether one is merely responding to stimuli or, to some degree, mastering it.

Jumping into chaos

The standard definition of chaos is commonly known: "disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, ...", etc. However, the scientific definition is a bit more specific...

behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.

the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe.

It is this last definition that I am interested in. Ignoring the questions as to where this matter came from in the first place, try and imagine a universe filled with matter that has no form or order. Would it be just atomic dust particles? If the universe was not yet formed, there was no energy in the universe yet, so there could not be anything like rocks or even molecules, as that would have required energy. So, it must have been a sea of atoms. But wait, atoms have energy. In fact, they have a lot of energy! If I remember my Physics 101, E=mc2 is the equation for calculating an atom's energy, so even if the atom is perfectly stationary (c=0), there is mass, which is made up of energy particles (electrons and protons) spinning about wildly.

"But" I can hear the more learned reader say, "electrons and protons only exist as probability wave functions until they are forced to collapse as a result of interaction". In which case, the 'matter' of the universe before creation was not 'matter' at all, but rather a sea of unmanifest probability wave functions.

But wait, there's less! Even waves require energy, so in a universe void of any energy, all we really have is a universe of potential relationships between potential forms of potential waves and their functions. That's a lot of potential... just add energy.

This video is a good example of this concept but in a non-quantum, 2-dimensional, very material form, in that is shows how lifeless matter that is in a state of chaos, as sand tossed on a place, takes on form and order one energy is applied in the form of sound waves.

I find the relationship between this sound wave experiment with sand and mythological idea that the universe was created by the sound of God's voice an interesting 'coincidence'.

Collapsing reality

Now we jump to some quantum craziness that can simply be explained by the double slit experiment.

Basically, the test shows that it is the act of observation that causes a wave function to collapse into a particle. How and where will it collapse? Well, that depends on the probability of the wave function. Most collapsed will land in the center of the probability curve, and less and less on the outer edges.

Why is this relevant? Well, even if we have a universe filled with potential, and energy is then added to this universe, we won't have any actual matter until it is 'observed'. Again, the myth of the Eye of Horus, the all-seeing-eye, seems oddly coincidental.

Unlike the big bang theory, which theorizes that that some unimaginable amount of energy was released into the universe all at once, and all the energy we have in this universe comes from that one bang, I prefer to imagine that there is a constant stream of energy feeding the universe, like the constant stream of sound waves on the sand plates. Fortunately, such theories exists, such as the one Einstein was working on in secret at the end of his life [1] which states that not only is the universe creating more energy all the time (ex evidence by the fact that the universe is expanding at greater speeds, not slowing down), but that that new matter is always being created.

Awareness, the ultimate resource

There are plenty of works showing that there is some sort of energy associated with the act of awareness[2][3][4]. I swore I once read a paper on a bleeding edge technology that can sense when it is being looked at, but it is nowhere to be found now. However, we are already designing the next level of "awareable" technology [5], which, granted, still looks like basic biometric readings, but I'll bet in the next 50 years we'll have such technology. We already have (ex) Google employees inventing telepathic hats that will be out in eight years [6], so, 50 years is very conservative.

What I am referring to here is not only the magical ability for the act of awareness alone to be the key to turning wave functions into particles, but do so depending on the intentions of the observer [7]. Extending this, it is theoretically reasonable that we also create reality on demand, also depending on our intentions. In other words, the world outside your front door is nothing more than countless wave functions waiting to collapse upon your interesting with them by the act of observing them.

But there is one more detail here that is the most important. Our awareness and consciousness itself has energy, and just like the form given to chaos from the energy ever-flowing into the universe, the energy of our awareness causes the chaos of reality to take form, a form that is a product of that energy.

We are always aware of our surroundings, thereby always creating the reality you live in. Being conscious of your awareness, i.e. paying attention to what you are choosing to be aware of, is the key to directing the course of your reality, changing the form that will transform chaos to order.

In short, whet you choose to be aware of is how you are choosing to organize, energize your reality that is being dynamically generated 10-43 (Planck time) times a second.

There are some who already know this, and they are using your awareness to manifest and create their reality by directing the awareness of the unconscious. Just like the direction of one's awareness directs the creations of reality, so does the manifest reality we live in direct our awareness.