Who Are You?

Who Are You?

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You might be me

Who Are You?This post is really a followup post to Reincarnation. It will make more sense if you have read that first.

Like with any journey, we start from where we are and travel to someplace new. When I began having out of body experiences (OOBEs) they were fairly simple and clear. I was me in my body, then I was me outside of my body. With time things got a little less simple. Perhaps I was in my late 20s or early 30s when I began leaving my body but rather than simply being ‘me’ outside my body I found myself being ‘me’ in someone else's body! It wasn’t exactly me; it was a version of me that was essentially the same but in a totally different world. When this first happened I found it fascinating and fun. Things began to get a little weird when I began having memories and dreams that belonged to those other versions of me! I began to get a little nervous I may have crossed some sort of psychic boundary and slipped into the twilight zone, or that I having a psychotic break, but as none of these experiences seemed threatening or dangerous, I decided to just let whatever happens happen.

There were three other ‘me’ identities I seemed to be connected with.

There was a young, blond, attractive middle class housewife, and recent mother, living in the suburbs of the US in the present time, a very poor black man living in the south on a small farm with his family in the recent past, maybe the 50s or the 60s, and an extraterrestrial navigator not in this dimension at all. This last one had some brain twisting consequences because his experience of time was/is nonlinear and he had/has the ability to move all over the 3D timeline. He could travel from 3D past to 3D future the same way you might take the car to get some gas.

Interesting side note: some 25 years later I met a very successful businessman from Germany who was dedicating his life and his work to help lead this world to a better place, and he told me a very similar story, but in his story, he was not an extraterrestrial navigator, but a captain. I had not yet told him my story, but I certainly did after he said to me ’I think you were my navigator’!

I came to accept that these other people, spread out over time and space, were other manifestations of the greater ‘me’. At least this was a way I could understand this experience. As Duncan, I was one of the ‘leaves’ from a ‘branch’ of many leaves. These others were my brother and sister leaves on this multidimensional tree of existence. I also realized our fates were connected. To use a metaphor, if the branch was shaken we all shook, if one leaf had parasites, we were all in danger and it was in our best interest to work together and help one another. There may have been a few other ‘leaves’ but they seemed more vague and distant.

I was opening to this new idea of the ‘others’ and a sort of uber-soul. The housewife and the poor farmer were a million miles away from this awareness. The navigator, on the other hand, was quite aware of us and he was proactively working on our, or at least my, behalf. The poor guy! He must have felt like he was babysitting three idiot children.

I had a number of OOBEs ‘as’ him, and I was shown some mind-blowing, soul-changing moments of ancient history … like really ancient, like before time as we know it. I was also shown some things about this present day reality that were as eye-opening as they were disturbing. The one experience I remember, from the near future at that time (which is now the past and present as I write this twenty years later), was the war.

A war had broken out here on earth, as they seem to do a lot down here. This one was different. Although the war was seen by society as a typical tribal war between countries, ideologies, politics, etc, it was shown to me that this war was being strategically promoted and exacerbated by off-planet beings who had a deep interest in controlling this planet for reasons that were not clear to me. In this experience, these same off-planet beings were working in concert with a number of powerful institutions, governments, and people which had allied themselves with these beings for, of course, their own personal gain.

I was seeing this war from a much higher dimension or reality, and not simply what was going on in the 3D space here on Earth. The time frame was the present, which, at the time, was maybe the late 80s, early 90s. It was just before the Middle East war broke out. In this experience shown to me, I was in New York City, where I was living at the time, and I was shown that this war would reach NYC and that NYC itself would be attacked. In this experience, I narrowly escaped being blown up myself.

Over the following years, as I watched the news of the escalating middle east conflict, I saw the events in a totally new light, and to my horror, what I had been shown made a lot more sense than what was being reported by the media. When I was standing on the street in downtown NYC the morning of September 11 and looked up seconds after the 2nd plane hit the World Trade Center to see a gaping hole filled with fire and smoke, I felt like I was also seeing the fulfillment of what I had been shown years before. The war was now raging, but it was not the war the people were being sold. It’s really not a war at all. It is a well-orchestrated occupation by beings we do not see or know anything about, with the help (both conscious and unconscious) of some of our global leaders, of course.

However, here I must say that I have also been shown the forces that have been working to restore love and the natural order of life on this planet at this time. There seems to be tremendous interest in what is happening on earth right now.

Some of these forces operate from a very high vibration, and some on a much lower vibration. The 'navigator' seems to be one of the 'good guys', fortunately.

This detail is very important for me because I have had a number of fairly detailed memories, as well having been shown, some awful war-like events, some not on this planet. This disturbed me for some time. It was like I was experiencing shell shock without experience the shells.

The idea of OOBE time travel is not new. Robert Monroe, the engineer who pioneered Out Of Body Experiences, described how he traveled into the future many times in his last book.

I had two other OOBEs that did not appear to have anything to do with the ‘others’ that reinforced this ‘vision’... and introduced a few other ‘crazy’ details involving ancient Mesoamerican gods and the Nazis, but, as OOBE time travel experiences go, this was fairly tame.

Alien intervention is a fairly popular theme. A quick search on “alien intervention” will return well over a million links, from the sober and rational to the loony and paranoid. Whether you buy into it or not, this idea is a firmly implanted into the collective unconscious.

One thing I have definitely come to learn is that reality is far, far more complex, interconnected and interesting than the micro-slice of the spectrum we work so hard to maintain.

In another post, I describe in detail the nature of space and time (as I have come to understand it. I am NOT a scientist and have skimmed only the surface of the subject) which allows me to understand how time travel is possible in an OOBE state. The question for me is not IF this is possible, but HOW it is possible... because it happened. There is no rational argument, logical proof or scientific reasoning that can make me deny what I have experienced in the hyper-real OOBE state. It would be easier to convince me that I am a three-legged racoon. That said, I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. There is room for everyone. I am simply sharing my experiences because there is powerful magic in the simple act of writing it down and making it public - even if no one reads it.