Anamorphose Elephant-Girafes

Anamorphose Elephant-Girafes

SCIENCE RESEARCH perspective art illusion

Sculpture exposé en Malaisie à l'occasion du "George Town Festival". Réalisé par Matthieu Robert-Ortis

This brilliantly demonstrates the metaphor that we can see the see the same thing very clearly and not agree on what we are seeing unless we are willing to take a few steps and see it from another perspective. This is what I was trying to show in, albeit not nearly as effective.

In essence, this sculpture is creating a 2D representation of a 3D object. It's 2D simply because we are ignoring the z-axis when looking at it, just as if we were looking at a shadow on the wall.

Using the imaginary idea of "Flatland", a 2D world inhabited by 2D beings, imagine trying to explain to Flatlander Fred that the elephant and the giraffe are really the same animal, it's just that each animal is a different perspective, a different projection, a mere shadow, so to speak, of the same 3D Anamorphose Elephant-Giraffes! This would be as difficult as an alien trying to explain to us 3D dwellers that the giraffe and the elephant are really the same 4D Anamorphose Elephant-Giraffes.

Now imagine that there is an 8-dimensional object that, depending on the perspective, projects the 3D reality of all elementary particles. If you are having difficulty imagining that, check out the last video, where physicist Garrett Lisi explains a new 8-dimensional model of elementary particles and the "theory of everything."