Australian Cave paintings may be the oldest on the planet

Australian Cave paintings may be the oldest on the planet

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Until now, accurately dating the art was considered impossible due to a lack of organic matter in most paintings which ruled out radiocarbon dating. However, a new method promises to deliver shocking results

Australian Cave paintings may be the oldest on the planetThis is not about new paintings being discovered. This is about the re-dating of the paintings, using more accurate and sophisticated techniques. They are hoping this new dating process dates the cave paintings in Australia back to 40,000 years ago., Unfortunately, this article says that is just what they are hoping, so, it's basically clickbait.

But I suspect (or at least hope) they will find they are older simply because of the subject matter of the painting, which, according to my non-scientific, half-baked, alien conspiracy theory, would place aliens in Australia about 40,000 years, when they were tweaking us humans, probably for the umpteenth time.

And look at these painting!? These are freaken aliens is I ever saw one (which, BTW, I never have :( ). The traditional explanation is, these are images of the ancestral Wandjina who came out of the sea and were eventually absorbed into the walls of rock. After the flood, the Wandjina spread out across the lands and create humans to help them set up a new society. To prevent further floods, the Wandjina kept their mouths closed. In time, their mouths disappeared completely. It's not clear how having moths and floods are related, but it's a creation myth, so it doesn't need to make sense.

Each year during a cycle of religious ceremonies, the Aborigines repaint the figures to bring fertility to the land and ensure that the seasons change on schedule.

This sounds suspiciously like the worlds first "Cargo Cult", which one might think is odd in the 20th (and 21st) century until you realize that many isolated tribes, or "mobs" as the aborigines prefer to be called (they find "tribe" prejudice and offensive) have progressed only inches from their ancestors of 40,000 years ago.

Here's a full BBC documentary on the John Frum Cargo Cult

One could argue that all religions are "Cargo Cults", especially when you see the similarities between the John Frum Cargo Cult, for example, and Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc...

We modern civilized intellectuals might look at these simple folks as ignorant and foolish, but from where I sit, we too suffer the same malady in the form of modern money, which can just as easily be described as a beneficent gift from the State, or which we believe is our deserved benefaction which the evil devil-man (also the State) takes from us. We, too, design our life around this State blessing, we perform rituals and ceremonies to please the State and tremble in fear when we have angered the State (i.e. tax audit). We build temples to the State and worship their messengers.

The State is the new God. Just ask any Marxist.

Getting back to my alien conspiracy theory...

The cave paintings of France and Spain are around to 40,000 years old, but unlike the Australian paintings, they were made by Neanderthals, who mysteriously disappeared about 28,000 ago after their 300,000 years existance[1]. So just around the time Neanderthals were going extinct and doing cave paintings, cave paintings start appearing in Australia. That was also about the same time the Denisovian species of homo sapiens intermixed with the Aborigines, but this contradicts the fact that the Aborigines were already in the non-Denisovian land of Australia for 6,000 years. (technically called Sahul, referring to Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, Seram, and neighboring islands). To add to the mystery, Aboriginal Australians and Pacific Islanders carry DNA of an unknown human species[2].

Now consider this. The genetic "Eve", as she is called by archaeologists, geneticists, and paleontologists, is the one woman who we assume lived 200,000 years ago from which all modern humans originated. It was also assumed she came from Africa. What they (Professor Alan Wilson and Rebecca Cann) said exactly was “all humans today can be traced along maternal lines of descent to a woman who lived about 200,000 years ago, probably in Africa”.

However, after reexamination, Africa has been replaced with Australia based on the fact that due to the number of genetic mutations in the aboriginal mtDNA they estimated that humans, starting with the aborigines, must date back 400,000 years (based on the observation that one mutation takes place every 3,500 years). Cann goes on to say "the Mongoloids originated about 100,000 years ago, and the Negroid and Caucasian groups about 40,000 years ago”.

Well, I propose that those genetic mutations in aborigines, which are larger (71%) than any other race on this planet, may have been the result of tampering, specifically around 40,000 years ago (resulting in Negroid and Caucasian versions? Maybe?), but what looks like 400,000 years due to the abnormal about of mutations (due to the tampering) in the mtDNA. It was also around the time when the Mungo Man appeared. Mungo Man is the oldest example of Homo sapien sapiens in the world, but what is odd about him is that the mtDNA of this original male does not match to any other sample found past or present and has been referred to as an 'extinct gene' (perhaps a beta test that got quickly upgraded?).

In addition, the Australian aborigine has no genetic relationship with the African, according to historian Keith Windschuttle: "fifty years of blood genetic research has failed to provide any clue to Aboriginal origins … May I state here and now that our extensive blood surveys conducted in Australia, Indonesia, Melaneasia, Micronesia and Polynesia … produced no genetic evidence that the Negro even entered the Pacific." So, it is even weirder that they also have so many genetic mutations, being as isolated as they were.

In short, something weird was going on about 40,000 years ago, genetically speaking.

Aside from this, it is interesting to know just how long ago it was that man first was motivated to tell a story using the only tools he knew, pictures. This would mark a new phase in the collective memory of humanity and what would eventually evolve into myth, legend and the very first traces of recorded history.

Even if the alien theory is just a misinformed Alex-Jones-style fevered rant, for whatever reason they choose to paint these images, it must have a been a pretty good reason. To my knowledge, there are no cave paintings of aboriginal babies taking their first steps or Bindi's weird spider bite.

Here are a bunch of images from Australia, and other places that, kinda have a similar theme.

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In India

And other places and things

And what's up with these coins?

In the end, I prefer thinking that not only do aliens exist, but they came and messed with us, because it answers so many questions about our ancient history and current state that traditional thinking has absolutely no reasonable answer to, and requires little more than to believe that it is possible that other more intelligent forms of life exist in the universe, which is more than reasonable... it's shockingly ignorant and arrogant, maybe even pathological, to think otherwise. Also, it's a lot more interesting and fun to believe it.

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