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Many of the problems I see people dealing with daily could be relieved, or at least mitigated, just by taking cold showers. Not only does it have a profound health effect, but it builds one's psyche, will, and determination. This is my video on colds showers, but I also added some other videos from the 'Ice Man' Wim Hof, who has performed seemingly miracles with his cold showers and breathing techniques.

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Hanging upside down has saved many people from back surgery, but it is one of the best preventative practices you can do for spinal health.

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New Research Discovers That Depression Is An Allergic Reaction To Inflammation

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How psychedelic medicines are saving lives worldwide

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Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think

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Tango and autism turn out to be a well paired couple

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Why we are looking at autism the wrong way

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